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We live in an interactive, 3D world. Oral4D Systems was created by an orthodontist frustrated with flat 2D images and outdated, hand-typed patient records offered by other dental software solutions.

By championing the 3D visualization of patient treatment notes, Oral4D has revolutionized the way orthodontists and assistants create, review and rely on records.

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The orthodontist’s experience

Our cutting edge software solutions visually represents treatment plans and outcomes using 3D images. Oral4D Systems reduces liability risk for doctors by automatically creating accurate and reliable text-based notes alongside 3D visuals that doctors can rely on.

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What Doctors Think of Ortho4D

Visual verification

Interactive software delivers orthodontic patient treatment records with a 360 degree view of the tooth chart in 3D.


Customized documentation

In just a few clicks, automatically create both 3D and text-based patient notes. Use the software’s customizable templates and preconfigured menus tailored for your office.


Accurate and reliable records

Rely on auto-generated, standardized and complete records that clearly outline the patient treatment.


Smooth visits & clear communication

Retrieve past visit records and models from within software. Assistants in busy practices visually review patient histories before verbally briefing orthodontists. Visually verify treatment plans and explain next steps to patients and parents using 3D images.

Try our interactive graphic to see how easy it is to add brackets, wires and elastics:

John Smith
(Treatment Plan)
Type Date Assistant Notes
Ortho4D 03/05/2015 SL
BracketsAdd Full Low Torque Metal 7-7
WiresAdd 014 NiTi at 16-26,46-36
Elastic BandsAdd Class II Regular Bear Elastic Band

Our software is compatible with the Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions as well as Invisalign

Oral4D Systems software solutions are compatible with Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions, giving you access to important patient and practice information all in one place.

Aligner4D connects to your ClinCheck to bring your Invisalign treatment plan directly into our software so you can track your treatment process, get procedure reminders and chart without typing.

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