Assistants are asking for Oral4D in their office!

by Sharon on January 10, 2017 in Product Updates,Testimonials

3D tooth chart, increased efficiency and reliable, standardized text notes just some of the things they love!

1. Software is customizable for YOUR office – Set up your visit types, brackets, wires, and elastics based on what you use in YOUR practice, not pre-set products,  menus or notes you’ll never use. (Click on the images below to see a larger version.)

2. Customized Statements – Create templates for commonly used statements. With two easy clicks,  you can add preconfigured, error-free statements into your patient treatment notes instead of spending 1-2 minutes typing each statement into your chart. No more deciphering what another assistant did on the last visit, missing information or correcting spelling errors.

3. 3D Visual Tooth Chart – Save yourself time by simply looking at the 3D tooth chart instead of having to scroll back through pages and lines of text notes. Easily know what brackets and elastic configurations are in your patient’s mouth by turning on specific objects in the flyout menu.

You can know exactly which brackets you’ve replaced, re-bonded or repositioned, and how many times and which wire is currently in your patients mouth. The elastic flyout menu tells you the elastic configuration and wear pattern that’s been prescribed and you’re able to see what space management tools are being used.

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