Have your Aligner treatment information in one place using Aligner4D!

by Sharon on October 11, 2016 in Product Updates

Compatible with Invisalign

Have your patient treatment notes, ClinCheck and Invisalign treatment plan in one place, on one screen, using Aligner4D. Aligner4D gives you the ability to see your Aligner treatment schedule, attachments, button and elastic cutouts, IPR’s, past, current and future visits. The software solution also shows you procedure reminders, your Aligner progression and allows you to chart without typing, using auto-generated notes, created with the click of a mouse.


Coming in 2017…


let-us-be-your-guideWorking with the world’s top Aligner providers, Dental professionals have the opportunity to streamline their treatment process for Aligner cases and finish cases in fewer visits. Submit your Invisalign records to your AlignerGuide consultant to review, approve and submit. The approved plan is loaded into Aligner4D, attached to the patient and the Doctor can proceed with the treatment confidently having predictable outcomes using the guide.

check-mark-pink Predictable outcomes & guidance.

check-mark-pinkEliminate risk & uncertainty.

check-mark-pinkAdd to your bottom line!

check-mark-pinkHIPAA Compliant hosted software solution.


Contact us to get more information on these amazing solutions, and to get information on the official launch of AlignerGuide in 2017.




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