Ortho4D 2.0 is here!

by Sharon on December 1, 2016 in Product Updates

You asked, we listened!

Our development team has nearly doubled in size since the summer, giving us the ability to handle all of the fantastic feature requests that you’ve been submitting to our support team!

Here is a list of our favourite software enhancements and a special sneak peek at our Analytics feature!

Ortho4D 2.0 New Feature Overview:

  • New Look – The menu interface is easier to navigate and use with patient, parent and dentist information visible in the top bar.
  • Undo Button – Undo your last click of notation input with the new Undo button.
  • Improved Elastic Configuration – Simplified elastic template setup and elastic use.
  • View Preferences – See what YOU want on the screen by setting up view preferences for doctor and assistants.
  • Add X-rays – See when x-rays were taken with an x-ray icon on the time bar.
  • Mixed Dentition – Set the 3D tooth model to mixed dentition for your patients 10 and under.
  • Bracket Information – See repositions, rebonds and replaced bracket information in the flyout menu.
  • Occlusion Classification Table – Document the dental classification of the patient.
  • Additional Wire Information – See wire cinches, wire pokes with stops, distal 6’s.
  • Scheduling Next Visit – Add one or more next visits at once to note things like change chain in 4 weeks, then change arch wire in 8 weeks.
  • Patient Status – Track patient status for reporting and analytical purposes.


Work smarter, not harder by knowing your practice efficiencies and areas that need improvement!

We set New Year’s resolutions for our personal lives, why not set a resolution for your practice in 2017? The Analytics Dashboard will be able to help you set and track efficiency and operational goals and help you rock 2017.

Ortho4D Analytics will make it both easy and fun to understand your practice’s efficiencies. On one screen, you can see who your top performers are, and who might need that extra bit of training – overall helping you meet your goal of running that perfectly efficient practice.


Analytics is currently in development, and we welcome any feedback you have to make analytics a success for your practice. Fill out our contact form below to submit your suggestions.

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