Our Software Evolution

by Sharon on December 23, 2016 in Product Updates

Oral4D Systems has evolved so much from the original concept in 2011!

Developing software is like a rollercoaster ride with all the twists, turns, flips and flops that come with it. Just like being on the ride, we’re still laughing, smiling and enjoying the journey we’re on to perfect the first 3D treatment card the Orthodontic world has ever seen! Read on to learn more about our journey and what’s coming up for 2017!

Our Story

Ortho4D was developed by Oral4D Systems Ltd. The company was founded in 2014 by a well-known orthodontist and researcher Dr. Hisham Badawi. His vision was to create a program that let him visually understand patient information with the glance of an eye, instead of reading through pages of text or trying to interpret 2D drawings.


Our Software Evolution


The concept of a treatment card for bracketing patients, Ortho4D, started in 2011 with very basic functionality of a treatment card and 3D tooth model,  and gave the user the ability to add brackets, wires, elastics, and some space management tools. The user also had the ability to add comments and pre-configured statements.

2011   august-2014


The development of a more structured treatment card and treatment planning capabilities followed and space was added for the auto-generated, consistent treatment notes. The addition of the time bar allows the user to click back through appointments to see what actions were performed in that appointment, instead of having to read through pages of text. The patient information appears in the right corner of the 3D model and can easily be minimized once reviewed by the doctor and assistant.

We also won the Most Innovative Startup award this year! More about that here.



The user interface and navigation was improved making the 3 areas of our software very clear:

  • Treatment actions on the left
  • 3D tooth model in the top middle
  • Auto-generated treatment notes doctors can rely on at the bottom.

We also partnered with Dolphin Management to allow their users  to launch Ortho4D from their Dolphin treatment card and do all clinical notation in our system. Ortho4D then pushes the treatment notes back into Dolphin as a comment.



2016 has been a huge year for Oral4D Systems! Here are some of our major accomplishments:

  • A major overhaul to our user interface: Patient information clearly displayed in the top bar and no longer blocks the 3D model when maximized
  • Launch of Aligner4D, a software solution for Invisalign treatments (more about that here)
  • Partnerships with two major Orthodontic companies, Ormco and Align Technologies (Invisalign)


november-2016    screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-2-26-19-pm


Join the Oral4D journey and experience the evolution of patient treatment notes for yourself!

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